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Silver Plating

Main Properties of Silver Coatings

- high electro conductivity (resistance 0.016 Ohm*mm2/m);
- high reflection coefficient (up to 0.95);
- high adhesion with metal – high chemical durability; and
- high flexibility

- low wear resistance (if traditional silver plating technologies are used); and
- low micro hardness

General – Silver Plating

Silver plating is widely spread in the various industry branches due to combination of the electro technical specifications of silver with its physical and mathematical and decorative properties.
Silver plating is not used to prevent iron from corrosion as well as the other base metals since accidental damage of coating and exposure of base metal results in its faster corrosion.
More often silver plating is applied on the items produced from copper, brass, nickel silver and other non-ferrous metals and their alloys.

The key advantages of the silver coatings include their high chemical durability, electro conductivity and glare. Thickness of silver plating might achieve high values. At the same time such properties as its flexibility and good adhesion with the base metals are maintained. Due to this feature silver plating is widely used both in galvanoplastics and jewelry industry as well as production of the complex radio equipment elements.
Silver coatings are featured by low mechanical resistance due to low level of micro hardness therefore the technological opportunity to achieve thick coating layers is absolutely successful and allows compensating fast wear-out of the coatings if increasing thickness value.

Photos of Silver-Coated Parts

Applications of Silver Coatings

- electro technical purposes
Copper or brass silver plating is in the most demand. As a rule, these are the contacts or copper buses which are to be plated.
In this case, the most called-for properties of the silver coatings are electro conductivity as well as chemical durability.

- decorative purposes
Silver plating if specified by good decorative properties. It is often used as decorative covering including subsequent oxidizing or coating with transparent lacquers.
Also, the jewels together with decorative objects or any consumer products might be coated with silver.

- galvanoplastics
Silver items’ production applying galvanoplastics method is widely used not only in production of the wave conductors and complex parts designed to be operated in radio engineering industry but also in souvenir branch.