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New galvanic technology available in stock

Now we are offering new galvanic technologies for different plating process, se more for details...

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International site is launched

Greetings! Our international site is finally launched. Hope you`ll find usefull information or services here.

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Prices for Plating Services - Batch Production

The prices set for plating coatings depend on the items’ geometry, batch volumes, execution periods and supply schedules. They are harmonized separately for every item type.

Last update on 09/01/2013

Plating Thickness, micron Price per 1 dm2, $
Extra-hard chrome plating до 30 micron from 4.7

31 micron + acc. to drawings
Chrome plating (standard) 1-24 micron from 1.6

25-50 micron from 2.2

51 micron + acc. to drawings
Nickel plating 1-12 micron from 1.7
Copper plating 1-12 micron from 1.7
Zinc plating 7-15 micron from 0.4
Anodic aluminum oxidation 3-24 micron from 0.25
Gold plating 0.2-1 micron from 9.3

1 micron + from 14
Silver plating 0.2-1 micron from 2.2

1-12 micron from 3.4
Rhodium plating 0.5-10 micron from 8.75
Palladium plating 1-10 micron from 12.8
Platinum plating 1-10 micron from 12.8
Micro arc oxidation 1-50 micron from 2.3

The services by request covering additional (preliminary / finish) treatments (grinding, pad welding, polishing, priming) are to be harmonized separately if required.

The indicated prices set for several services depend much on the items to be plated. If you cannot find a required plating type please e-mail us your request and we shall calculate the cost of the plating type required to be applied on your item.
If any doubt please do not hesitate to ask our specialists and we shall advice you the most optimal solution!