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Black Oxide Coating


Black oxide (cold blackening, black oxide coating) allows obtaining conversion coating of various colors (black in most cases), which ensures moisture-repelling corrosion protection together with decorative view of the parts.

Black oxide allows keeping steel and aluminum items avoiding accidental corrosion as well as decreasing probability of the burrs on the friction pairs.
Black oxide coating does not change the dimensions of an item, threads, holes, clearances: this peculiarity might be critical when treating the high-precision parts. Therefore there is an opportunity to cover the item surfaces with huge number of the holes meeting the requirements set for coating tolerances.

In practice various items are to be black-oxide coated (cold blackening, hot blackening – color-bluing):

- cutting and metal-working tools (cutting tools for the machines – face-milling cutters, end-milling cutters, tools with carbide disks, drills, spiral drills, hole saws, screw-thread dies, taps, reamers, etc);
- equipment units (spindle chucks, faceplates, gears, high-duty sprockets of the chain gears, shafts, tool blocks, collets, manually-operated tools, parts of the measurement tools and optical devices, bars, etc); and
- other parts and items of various designation (pump, decorative, technological, automotive, etc).

The manufacturers of the bearings including these ones designed to be used in automotive industry machine the bodies, outer rings, holders and covers. Black oxide coating does not result in deviations of the sizes. Moreover, when the running process takes place such coating provides the friction surfaces with excellent anti-burr properties.

The process is irreplaceable when treating the elongated parts for instance electric motors, which are not allowed to be coated through hot black oxide coating because of distortion danger.

It is noticeable that currently there is a tendency to use blackening as a decorative coating followed by finishing the surfaces with the transparent lacquers to achieve brightness and durability.


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