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Micro Arc Oxidation

General – Ceramic Coatings

Процесс формирования МДО покрытия- applied on aluminum, magnesium and titanium alloys;
- excellent rust-resisting properties and durability;
- all colors might be glossy or mat (see Basic Colors Table below);
- highest hardness (2,000 to 2,300 HV) – corundum hardness;
- extremely durable and maintainable;
- also might be used as perfect priming coat; and
- specified by high heat resistance (up to 450 С)


Керамические образцы с глянцевым МДО покрытиемКерамические образцы с глянцевым МДО покрытиемКерамическое МДО покрытиеКерамическое МДО покрытие
Керамическая велосипедная рама   Крыльчатка керамическая     Патрубок водомёта      Корпус водомёта
МДО покрытие дисков


  • SHIP-BUILDING – decorative finish and protection against wear and corrosion of the mechanical elements of the caters, yachts, jet boats, boats, etc.
  • CUSTOMIZING - decorative finish and protection from wear and corrosion of the parts produced from aluminum, magnesium and titanium alloys.
  • MECHANICAL ENGINEERING - friction pairs, plain bearings, gears, pistons, cylinders, face seals for the inner combustion engines, machines and machinery designed to be operated in ship-building and aircraft industry as well as the parts for agricultural machinery.
  • MEDICINE - protections of the implants.

The key advantages of the micro arc coatings:

  • opportunity to create the super hard coatings yielding only to the diamonds if considering their resistance properties;
  • opportunity to coat the outer and inner surfaces of the parts of any shape;
  • opportunity to obtain various colors of the coatings not requiring additional painting;
  • no need to pre-condition the surfaces; and
  • high resistance to corrosion fatigue (high fatigue limit).

Technical Properties of Alloys’ MAO Coatings

Designation Aluminum Alloys Magnesium Alloys
Thickness 10 to 300 micron 10 to 300 micron
Micro hardness 800 to 1950 HV 650 to 950
Friction coefficient 0.01 to 0.02 0.01 to 0.02
Breakdown voltage up to 4,500 V 600 V

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                           Structure of MAO coatings on (a) aluminum (ADZ1) and (b) magnesium (ML5) alloys.

The coatings’ high properties are achieved due to formation of the oxide films on the items’ surfaces in particular Al2O3 (corundum), which allow significantly increasing durability and corrosion resistance of the parts as well as beatify them.

Table of MAO Coatings’ Colors
Alloy Color
depending on alloy
D16 black, brown
V95 pink
AMg5 beige
Aluminum alloy with titanium blue
ML5 beige, grey
AK12 grey
not depending on alloy
Цвета МДО покрытия 1. reddish
2. black
3. brown
4. blue
5. white


Our Company renders such services as MAO coating on any items required for the Customers using both our own production facilities and such services, which includes the equipment and technologies sales with the aim to arrange the involved processes on turnkey terms.

The maximum dimensions of the finished items are equal to 2,000х500х500 mm.

Attention! Now you could enjoy our new service: ceramic coating of the car and bike alloy rims!