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Gold plating

Gold plating

Gold platingGold plating (electroplating) is widespread coating both in industry and jewelry sector.

Gold coating is applied with the aim to increase electrical conductivity, solderability, chemical deurability as well as to render high decorative properties. Also, Au is specified by high level of thermal conductivity. There is an ample quantity of the decorative alternatives, which are offered by gold plating beginning from maximum purity (999 acc to the Russian standards) to various red and rose color hue as well as aged gold plating. The most common thickness of the gold coating is from 0.25 to 9 micron.

Gold plating might be used for the items produced from any metals and alloys. As a rule, it is to be applied together with silver or nickel sublayer since it improves the decorative properties of the coating and increases its spanlife.

For your gold plating requirements we have all necessary facilities for gold electroplating both any items produced from various metals and alloys, jewels and equipment elements.

Maximum dimensions of the parts to be treated: 1000х500х300 mm
Maximum mass: 80 kg

The cost and period of work execution is calculated on custom-oriented base considering your requirements set for coating as well as the current state of your items. On your request our specialists shall calculate and offer the most optimal thicknesses together with the suitable sublayers to keep the gold coating properties meeting the required conditions for many years.

Gold plating Gold plating Gold plating Gold plating