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New galvanic technology available in stock

Now we are offering new galvanic technologies for different plating process, se more for details...

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International site is launched

Greetings! Our international site is finally launched. Hope you`ll find usefull information or services here.

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About Us

Moscow Plating Center (MPC)

Plating plant

Moscow Plating Center (MPC) is a part of a large industrial enterprise engaged in the works covering space and civil industry under support of two Moscow universities, which ensure the advanced scientific and technical constituent of the production process. Our task is not simple covering but also developing and offering new technologies to apply plating and chemical coatings as well as the other methods aimed to improve quality and service life of the parts to solve a wide range of the present tasks of the quality products’ manufacturing.

Our production facilities are located in Moscow and fitted out with a high number of the equipment of various dimensions, capacity and specific character. Depending on the coating type, products’ complexity and their number we use the equipment, which suits to the utmost to the corresponding order.

Individual approach ensures low cost of plating with permanent quality control and opportunity of your order fulfillment on a tight schedule.

High quality of the works is achieved due to high competence of our employees, to the licenses for development of space and military machinery as well as to ISO 9000 the quality control system.

A wide industrial base is available at MPC, which includes:

- plating shops (plating areas) where the coating are applied;
- tool shop where the anodes and corresponding facilities are produced;
- machining shop, which allows producing and repairing you products of any complexity level;
- non-ferrous and precious metals’ foundry shop; and
- certified laboratory to test plating, to run the accelerated corrosion tests, durability tests, coating service life tests and any other testing.

Our specialists are the experts engaged in the works with the complex, bulky and single-purpose parts. They resolve successfully the engineering tasks to ensure the results of the highest quality.


Irrespective of complexity and peculiarities of your products’ operation we guarantee high-quality result if taking the responsibility for their treatment!

Our office is located in Moscow.

Our Company Profile

MPC key areas include full range of the services covering protection and strengthening of the products with plating, which are rendered in Moscow and Moscow District. We are always ready to produce the required items, to plate, to test for service life within the specified operating conditions as well as to suggest the most optimal solution.

The trading companies engaged in all industry branches make up over 70% from the total number of our long-term partners.

Protective plating

  • Development and implementation of the advanced wear-resistant protective plating techniques at the domestic and foreign enterprises
  • Provision of the services covering increase of service life of the industrial equipment parts owing to hard-surfacing overlays, such as:
    • flat extrusion dies / spinnerets, calibrators to treat metals, plastic and abrasive materials;
    • die molds, moulds, dies, punches to treat the metals, plastic and abrasive materials;
    • high-precision cutting tools; and
    • hydraulic stems, bearings and other high-wear units and parts.
  • Repair and recovery of chrome plate of the large-size products (SHAFTS, STEMS, DIE MOLDS, ETC)
  • Replacement of the standard chrome plating with more advanced diamond chrome coating

Learn more about our services in the section Services

Metal goods production

  • Turning / milling machining (production of the metal goods of any complexity degree)
  • Nonferrous castings (aluminum and magnesium-base alloys)
  • Precious metal castings
  • Grinding (metal and non-metallic grinding)
  • Polishing (metal and non-metallic polishing)

Lab researches/ tests

  • Corrosion testing
  • Adhesion testing
  • Wearing testing
  • Microhardness testing and coefficient of friction testing
  • Development of the recommendations for use of the coatings in the specified operation conditions

Advanced production and research base

Plating plantOur Company owns the advanced plating equipment.

All works are performed with the help of the computer-aided / semi-automatic lines through the advanced technologies and chemical agents.

Large-sized plating baths and automatic elevators allow treating the products of any shape or dimension.

We offer our Customers only the best services!

Notwithstanding our wide range of the offered products and services we are customer-oriented Company whose priority is always invariable high quality. Moreover treatment of the expensive and sophisticated products requires well coordinated work of high number of the specialists.

Customer-centered approach is our key principle!